03 July 2017


She sits beside me. Not literally, a hand brake and gear transmission are between us. I know I supposed to put all my attention on the street but I can’t stop myself to steal a glance on her. She’s so quiet, I thought she’s asleep. She’s never shut her mouth unless when she falls into a deep sleep. Even sometimes I notice she talks in her sleep, inviting me to whatever life she was facing in her dreamland. 

05 June 2017


Matamu menghilang dan aku pun terbang
Semua terasa tak lagi di awang
Maka janganlah tunas ini kau tebang
Kecuali jika kau tak menginginkannya berkembang

Hadirmu memang selayak kunang-kunang
Tanyamu pun terdengar sumbang
Tapi mayamu tetaplah sebuah senang
Lalu sangkalmu adalah sebuah tenang

Kejoraku yang kini begitu benderang,
Meski kau buat hatiku berperang
Namun janganlah menjadikannya berang
Hingga menyisakan linang yang terkenang

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04 May 2017

[Book Review] If I Was Your Girl

Title                     :               If I Was Your Girl
Author                 :               Meredith Russo
Publisher             :               Flatiron Books
Year                     :               2016     
ISBN                    :               978-1-250-07840-7
Rating                  :               3/5

Blurb                   :

Just because you have a past doesn’t mean you can’t have a future.

Review                 :

I spotted this book on my window-book-shopping at GI Jakarta. After all, this book not gimme a clue about what’s inside but the cover and the tittle catch my attention. Yeah, that’s the power of marketing.

And then, this book surprised me. Its about a teenage girl who used to be a boy. It’s a story about the