09 April 2017

[Book Review] Habibie Ya Nour El Ain

Title  :               Habibie Ya Nour El Ain
Author :             Maya Lestari GF
Publisher :         Dar! Mizan
Year :                2016
Genre :              Romance, Islamic
ISBN :                 978-602-420-298-9
Rating :             4/5

Review     :

Lagi-lagi saya menemukan buku bagus disaat saya sedang window shopping ke toko buku.

Jujur saja, saya jarang sekali bisa hook sama buku yang bernafaskan islam. Satu-satunya buku yang saya tamatkan hanyalah novel Ayat-Ayat Cinta karya Habiburrahman El Shirazy karena waktu itu saya jatuh cinta pada versi film-nya. Tetapi karena ini karya mbak Maya Lestari GF, seorang penulis

22 March 2017

We Don’t Say Goodbye Anymore, We Just Disappear

We don’t say goodbye anymore.
We just stop responding to their messages or answering their calls.
We pretend like we don’t really know them when we see them, we act like strangers, we act like we didn’t hurt them and we underestimate their pain. We’re too self-absorbed to consider their feelings so we don’t even say a kind word, we don’t even give a warm hug and we don’t even ask to make sure they’re okay.

23 February 2017


I can see the stage clearer as the light dimmed. Hundred eyes are on the big screen, watching the opening video. Hands are clapping, excited that the show we’ve been waiting finally started.

The first band is on the stage after the mc opened the show and introduce all the performers. They are playing their hit songs for the opening and the crowd starts to cheer and sing along, so do I.

This seat is too good, I can see every single thing from here. No need to stare at the big screen if I want to see the singer’s face, my eyes catch every expressions just with a glare. This is what platinum